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Andrew Hide was born in the rural outskirts of Dartford, Kent in 1967. The only son of Allen and June Hide. He was educated in St Mary's and Swanley comprehensive secondary school. He left his education in 1983 to take up a career in the retail industry, but soon became dissillusioned. By 1987 he started work for the Royal Mail, working his way up to become a distribution manager by the age of 21.

It was in this same year (1989), he married Lissa, in the Bellingham church in south east London, and within a year their first child was born. It was in 1991, Andrew and Lissa moved to Cornwall. Although he would continue working in London and venture home at weekends.

It was around this time he wrote his first poem. He was talking to some friends who ran a shop selling ornate dragons, and they were looking for a poem about dragons which captured the spirit of the mythical beast, to use as a back-ground for a display. Andrew offered to rewrite the poem, when one was found, in calligraphy for them, but after ten minutes of persuading him, he finally agreed to attempt to write a poem from scratch. Of the three poems he wrote that week, all three were selected to be used as adverts, and Andrew had found a new love in writing.

He soon moved to Cornwall fulltime, where he now lives with his wife and five daughters, all of whom encourage him no end. He now nears the completion of his first collection of childrens poetry, 'Down in the Wooded Valley'. These are wonderful poetic tales, set in a land of Fairies, wizards and Dragons.