The POETRY of Andrew Hide

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Andrew Hide poet

Andrew Hide lives in Cornwall, England,  in the south-west a land where nature still seems to have the upper hand, Andrew lives with his wife and five daughters who are the inspiration for much of his poetry along with the surounding landscape.

Andrew's poetry covers a variety of styles and subjects, including concrete poetry. He is a landscape poet and in his work, visions of Dartmoor, Bodmin moor and the Cornish coast are very prominant.



You can find Andrew's poetry in:-


  • The peoples poet anthology 2003
  • The peoples poet magazine.
  • The peoples poet anthology 2004
  • Simply haiku Sept 2004



Welcome to Andrew Hide's poetic world.

.Another Night

Another night with pen in hand
Near the darkened corner,
Desk, a mess with with scattered thoughts
Rough poetry and crumpled notes,
Ever seeking the scent of
William Shakespeare's rose.

Another night with pen in hand
Leaning hard onto the paper,
Lights burn bright in other rooms
Enough to throw dull shadow gloom
Near the darkened corner.

Hiding in the thoughts, my own,
Images of sunny days
Dreaming how we used to roam,
Ever onwards through open fields.


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